Topografia applicata al soccorso e GIS per i Vigili del Fuoco a Frosinone

Fabio Cruzzocrea, Stefano Lucidi


The development of digital cartography techniques has found widespread diffusion within the National Fire Brigade Corps.
Digital mapping is now an instrument of major importance in the management of large emergencies in multi-agency civil protection contexts.

In recent disasters that have hit the national territory, the use of cartographic techniques has allowed support for rescue management both in the delicate planning phase and in the post-emergency phase.

The field experience has a key role in geomatics also in the development of resilience, a determining factor for the fire brigade teams in the stressful operating environments in which they usually operate. Resilience is an important factor in carrying out the stressful job of firefighters.
The article illustrates the experience of the VVF Command of Frosinone in the development of a cartographic platform, called GIS_FR, which contains numerous information of interest for the institutional role played by firefighters in the province of competence.

Parole chiave

Topografia applicate al soccorso; GIS; emergenza; protezione civile

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