Rilievo ed elaborazione di dati laser acquisiti con sistemi MMS in un parco urbano

Gino Dardanelli, Marco Carella


This article summarizes the experience gained between 2012 and 2013
by the department of "Civil, Environmental, Aerospace and Materials"
of the 'University of Palermo on the integrated survey of Park
N. Cass ara in Palermo and the subs equent testing of methods,
tools and techniques based on current research regarding the acquisition
and process ing of GN SS data and laser-scanner.
The work has been address ed in order to select the less expensive and
fast techniques to be applied in the acquisition phase.
After first monumenting sixteen control points distributed within
the site and surveyed by GN SS, then was planned and carried out
the survey in NRTK mode of the paths and of the key elements of the
park. It was therefore decided to experiment with MM S acquisition
of the park through which it was poss ible to acquire data about the
morphology of the terrain, the conditions of the state of footpaths,
buildings that laid ahead and distribution of street furniture. The
point clouds obtained through this technology have been subjected
to both automatic and manual procedures to verify that, finally,
their actual descriptive poss ibilities of real forms.

Parole chiave

Gnss , Rtk, Nrtk, Permanent Stations, Glonass , Mms, Laser Scanner, 3dmodelling



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