ArcGIS 9.3 ed i database spaziali: gli scenari di utilizzo

Francesco Bartoli


ArcGis 9.3 and spatial databases: application sceneries

The latest news from ESRI suggests that it will soon be possible to link to the PostgreSQL database. This resulted in a collaboration between the PostGis geometry model with SDOGEOMETRY - the oracle database - a hierarchial and spatial design database. This had a direct impact on the PMI review and the business models of local governments. ArcSde
would be replaced by Zig-Gis 2.0 providing greater offerings to the GIS community. Harnessing this system will take advantage of human resources to aid in the design of potent
conceptual data models. Further funds are still required
to promote the product under a prominent license.

Parole chiave

postgres; zigGis; geometrie ESRI

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