La Tecnologia Beacon al Servizio del Patrimonio Culturale. Il caso dei Musei di Palazzo Farnese e della città di Piacenza

Francesca Fabbri, Marco Boeri


The Civic Museums of Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza are the first Italian museum
and one of the first five in Europe to achieve an application based on advanced
technologies related to proximity (beacon) and one of the first in the world to
adapt it on Android system. After testing the technology platform I.M.APP on a
section of the Museums, Ultraviolet App, creator of the application, extended
the network of beacons to the entire city of Piacenza. Now, walking through the
streets of town centre with own smartphone or tablet, the visitor will not have
the unpleasant feeling of loss, and having to browse through pages and pages
to find out what is that monument, church, building or square that captured
his attention, because, automatically, will find everything hi wanted to know
the city and its artistic, historical, architectural beauty, on their mobile device,
without move a finger, thanks to a small beacon.

Parole chiave

Tecnologia Beacon; I.M.App; ultraviolet App; Palazzo Farnese; Piacenza

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