ICVBCmobile: il laboratorio mobile dell’Istituto per la Conservazione e Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali. Diagnostica, Monitoraggio, Conservazione e Valorizzazione integrata del patrimonio

Cristiano Riminesi, Emma Cantisani, Claudia Conti, Susanna Bracci, Laura Genovese, Rachele Manganelli Del Fà, Heleni Porfyriou, Barbara Salvadori, Antonio Sansonetti, Maria Perla Colombini


ICVBC was founded in 2001 and is located in Florence with units in Rome and Milan.
The institutional tasks of ICVBC include research, coordination, consultancy
and training. ICVBC’s features is its multidisciplinary character, promoting an interdisciplinary approach to research, guaranteed by different professionals, and
through the development of an extensive national and international network of
cooperation with research institutes, universities and public or private subjects
involved in the conservation of Cultural Heritage.
In the field of conservation, various issues are addressed: study and development of materials for the conservation of stone, metallic artefacts and painted surfaces;
development of diagnostic systems for identification and monitoring of the
environmental parameters useful for the characterization of causes and mechanisms of decay; development of protocols for the conservation and scheduled maintenance; integrated enhancement and fruition of works of art and their urban context.
Through the ICVBCmobile laboratory, the Institute provides diagnostics services
using portable equipment and non-destructive techniques, also offering consulting services for intervention design and restoration projects.

Parole chiave

Diagnostics; monitoring; conservation; cleaning; archaeological site; contemporary art; integrated enhancement

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