Sistemi di monitoraggio GNSS di strutture, infrastrutture e territorio: uno Standard


  • Fernando Sansò Politecnico di Milano, DICA, piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, Milano
  • Ludovico Biagi Politecnico di Milano, DICA, piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, Milano
  • Stefano Caldera Geomatics Research & Development srl, via Cavour 2, Lomazzo (CO)
  • Lisa Pertusini Geomatics Research & Development srl, via Cavour 2, Lomazzo (CO)


In the frame of deformation monitoring of structures, infrastructures
and natural hazards, in this paper several examples are provided, that demonstrate how GNSS observations, even if taken by low cost receivers,
are competitive in terms of accuracy with classic techniques. Moreover
GNSS observations are able to provide a continuous determination of
the position of N points in time, in a fully automated way, interconnecting
points that are not visible each other, in all weather conditions.
This work presents how a low cost GNSS monitoring system can be
designed and implemented, both in terms of hardware and software solutions.
Then the analysis of GNSS data is shown, describing the consecutive
steps of preprocessing, processing and validation of the results.
Because deformation monitoring basically means detecting anomalous
changes in the time series of each GNSS station, an efficient alarm system
is designed and described.
In the end ten basic requirements are identified, which guarantee that
the deformation monitoring performed with GNSS can be effective and

Biografia autore

Fernando Sansò, Politecnico di Milano, DICA, piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, Milano

Fernando Sansò, Ludovico Biagi, Caldera Stefano, Lisa Pertusini

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Sansò, F., Biagi, L., Caldera, S., & Pertusini, L. (2018). Sistemi di monitoraggio GNSS di strutture, infrastrutture e territorio: uno Standard. GEOmedia, 22(4). Recuperato da