La piattaforma Esri come supporto essenziale alla fase 2 dell’emergenza Covid-19

Michele Ierardi


To tell about the Covid-19 pandemic, both information and in-depth television broadcasts (Porta a Porta, Che tempo che Fa, TG, etc.), and the main information portals (such as, for example,, used
a highly effective visual support, the Dashboard. This is the now sadly famous map of the world on a black background with red spherical markers with dimensions proportional to the spread of the infection and the infographics of the temporal development of the parameters of the epidemic. It is a web application based on Esri technology, the data of which are used
and reported by both journalists and civil protection technicians. Consultation of the application has gradually become a daily habit for citizens, as before
the emergency it could have been the consultation of weather forecasts.

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Emergenza; covid-19; esri; mappe; dashboard; gis

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