Una Soluzione OS per la creazione di gestionali cartografici web basati su progetti QGIS

Cristiano Fattori, Alessandro Jacobacci, Leonardo Lami, Walter Lorenzetti


As part of the management of reimbursement of damages from wildlife, the Direzione Capitale Naturale, Parchi ed Aree Protette of Regione Lazio made use of the OS G3WSUITE framework (based on QGIS-Server) for the
creation of a web cartographic management system.

The application allowed to migrate a dedicated QGIS project defining, in addition to the rendering aspects, also the form structure and the editing widgets dedicated to the individual attributes.

The administration component has made it possible to define editing permissions based on geographical constraints linked to authorized users.
The collected data will be a support for a correct and rational planning of future interventions making the management of available economic and human resources more effective and targeted.

Parole chiave

GIS; qgis; wegis; territorio; regione lazio; fauna selvatica; aree protette

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48258/geo.v24i4.1739


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