Non solo dal cielo. "The Winegrover”


  • Eduardo De Francesco SETEL GROUP

Parole chiave:

Agricoltura di precisione, droni, geo


We present an approach in which, by exploiting the collaboration
of an aerial drone and our autonomous amphibious Rover,
data layers containing information detectable only from the
ground can be added to the aerial maps detected by an aerial
drone. In this context, the Rover could be used as a carrier of
sensors of different nature (georadar, electronic noses, multispectral
cameras, etc ...) which could record information on the
ground and link them to aerial images. The rover, having amphibious
capabilities, could also be used for surveys in wetlands,
rivers, lakes and in the open sea. Anyone who develops sensing
technologies and sensors could use this platform as a remotecontrolled
carrier to collect and map information of amphibious
or unsafe (chemical, biological, termal, nuclear, even social ....)
areas. We call it the Horizontal/Vertical data integration.




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De Francesco, E. (2021). Non solo dal cielo. "The Winegrover”. GEOmedia, 25(2). Recuperato da