Nuove Tecnologie per la divulgazione geologica e geo-turistica


  • Niccolò Iandelli Geologo, dottorando in NT &ITA dell' Università  IUAV di Venezia – Santa Croce 191 Tolentini, Venezia. Socio fondatore Ass . Scientifico Culturale Reggipoggio.

Parole chiave:

ICT, Google Earth, Realtà  aumentata, nuove tecnologie


The Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been
for years in constant strong development and is contaminating
various scientific sectors and disciplines.
Recently it is also taking the field of the dissemination of culture
for applications related to geological or geo-tourism.
ICT components that have the greatest impact on this issue
are related to concepts such as the "new geography", the
"geo-location mobile" and "augmented reality."

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