Il Geoportale Nazionale e le applicazioni dei dati PSI per l'individuazione di aree soggette a rischio idrogeologico


  • Salvatore Costabile Ministero dell'ambiente
  • Marida Paci Ministero dell'ambiente

Parole chiave:

geoportale, rischio idrogeologico, MATTM, interferometria, radar, dati interferometrici


Location of areas subject to hydro-geological risk using the National
Geoportal and PSI data applications

The availability of a database with high accuracy is a fundamental requirement of all public service are central or local government whose mission is monitoring the status of land use and management of emergencies caused by natural events and/ or anthropogenic, if it refers to the requirement that areas with high risk of disruption inevitably becomes a budget constraint and a necessary tool to support all activities of governance on land use and local coordination of emergency situations and monitoring the forecast of events.

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