Informazione Geografica e PA: tra web 2.0 e mondi digitali


  • Luigi Di Prinzio IUAV Venezia
  • Giovanni Sylos Labini Planetek Italia

Parole chiave:

ASITA, tecnologie, comportamenti sociali


Geographic Information and Governments: from web 2.0 to digital worlds

In 1998 a visionary concept, coined "Digital Earth", was made popular by former US vice president Al Gore. This idea is that any citizen of the planet, linked through the Internet,
should be able to access vast amounts of free information in this virtual world, however, a vast commercial marketplace
of products and services was envisioned to co-exist. After
10 years much progress has been made. This article aims at shaping the current and future role of Government as a coordinator, controller and natural facilitator for the cooperative use of standards, databases, and tools among Geomatics stakeholders.




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Di Prinzio, L., & Labini, G. S. (2009). Informazione Geografica e PA: tra web 2.0 e mondi digitali. GEOmedia, 13(1). Recuperato da




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