Il ruolo dell'informazione geografica nel settore dell'infomobility


  • Giuseppe Conti FONDAZIONE GRAPHITECH Via della cascata, 56/c 38050 Trento
  • Raffaele De Amicis FONDAZIONE GRAPHITECH Via della cascata, 56/c 38050 Trento

Parole chiave:

geografia internazionale, prospettive, ESA


The role of geographical information in the field of infomobility

Numerous studies highlight the important role infomobility will play in supporting the mobility of citizens, improving their safety, promoting the use of public transport, encouraging optimization within the transport system, and increasing energy efficiency and therefore reducing costs. The evolution of Location Based Service (LBS) in the field of infomobility will introduce a profound change to the way geographical information will be produced and shared. The greatest change will be initiated by the growth of location based social networks. This will have serious implications in terms of data
accuracy, reliability and privacy.




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Conti, G., & De Amicis, R. (2008). Il ruolo dell’informazione geografica nel settore dell’infomobility. GEOmedia, 12(5). Recuperato da