Valutare l'inquinamento acustico lungo una tratta autostradale con i dati territoriali ed il GIS


  • Anita Fiorentino ELASIS ICT Mobility Systems Department
  • Alfredo Imparato ELASIS ICT Mobility Systems Departmen
  • Anna Sannino Tirocinante ELASIS
  • Antonio Sforza Università  di Napoli Federico II Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica

Parole chiave:

optimization, impatto acustico, cartografia


Acoustic pollution evaluation along a highway with
land datas and GIS

During last few years noise pollution has become a relevant problem in urban and sub-urban areas. This is caused by industrial development and the progressive extension of the urban areas, but also by the spread of transportion systems. A reduction in traffic noise can be achieved in several ways: through correspondence of the source, the distance of propagation, or near the receiver. When it isn't possible to act in those ways the only solution is to insert a screen (called noise barrier), which passively protects from noise propagation. After a short analysis of the motorway traffic acoustic impact, the paper presents a model for the optimal location of the noise barriers. The application of a mathematical model for localization of the noise barriers was executed beginning from the result of the application of the method of calculation of the noise from street traffic NMPB-Routes-96, carried out using a GIS software, related to highway with the relative attributes.

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Fiorentino, A., Imparato, A., Sannino, A., & Sforza, A. (2008). Valutare l’inquinamento acustico lungo una tratta autostradale con i dati territoriali ed il GIS. GEOmedia, 12(5). Recuperato da