Un segno per il primo meridiano d'Italia a Roma


  • Tullio Aebischer
  • Paolo Battinelli

Parole chiave:

meridiano, osservatorio astronomico


A sign for Italy's Prime Meridian

Italy's Prime Meridian, defined in 1871, is situated in a brick tower at the top of Monte Mario - Rome's highest hill. The Italian Government chose the site to be the point of passage for the Prime Meridian on September 20 1870 the same time the italian army had arrived back in Rome. This meridian remained in use for official italian land maps until 1995 when a new cartography based on the WGS84 reference system was  adopted. For this reason Italy's Prime Meridian can be considered an historical geodetic monument. Studium Urbis began the first demarcation of the meridian in february 2007
with a plaque inside the Vatican Gardens. The Studium Urbis is currently continuing the ongoing project of the demarcation of the Italy's Prime Meridian in significant spots in Rome.




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Aebischer, T., & Battinelli, P. (2008). Un segno per il primo meridiano d’Italia a Roma. GEOmedia, 12(1). Recuperato da https://mediageo.it/ojs/index.php/GEOmedia/article/view/574