“…ANTICHE PRESENZE…” Il Progetto della Valorizzazione nella Sostenibilità delle Tecnologie

Livia Cannella


In the practice of enhancing the value of cultural heritage, a constant review of the sustainability of the actions in the specific sensitivity of the sites and the wise and measured use of the technologies must coexist, in order to safeguard the original identity of the "real" heritage from the risks of excessive "virtualization".

This vision - shared by the public commission - inspired the "...Antiche Presenze..." project, which in 2010 took shape on the outer surfaces of the Mercati Traianei in an impressive night projection of the faces of imperial Rome, with the aim of amplifying its values through a Unusual vision.


Parole chiave

Archeologia; Mercati Traianei; tecnologie; sostenibilità; valorizzazione; comunicazione; installazioni multimediali; videoproiezioni

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.48258/arc.v8i2.1452


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