• Valentina Spanu
  • Eva Barbara Lorrai
  • Laura Muscas
  • Roberto Demontis


Parole chiave:

cultural heritage landscape, public participatory gis, geoportal, Sardinia, archaeology


CRS 4 (Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia) developed the Geoportal Nurnet ( to manage and share information about the Bronze Age in Sardinia (Italy).
The scope of this paper is to explain how the Geoportal Nurnet (net of Nuraghes, the typical Sardinian building from the Bronze Age) has been developed to promote the Bronze Age culture in Sardinia, identified in the Pre-Nuragic (3200−2700 BC) and Nuragic (up to the 2nd century AD ) civilization. It is fed by a net of conventional social connections and social web networks empowered by private citizens, agents and public administrations sharing the same goals and interests.

Biografia autore

Valentina Spanu

CRS4 (Centro di Ricerc a, Svilupp o e Studi Superiori in Sardegna)

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Spanu, V., Lorrai, E. B., Muscas, L., & Demontis, R. (2019). NURNET – GEOPORTAL. Archeomatica, 8(5).