Progetto AMOR: quando la tecnologia incontra i Beni Culturali


  • Nicole Dore


AMOR project focuses on the development of pre-commercial services addressed
to the Institutions responsible for the conservation and the valorisation
of the Cultural Heritage.
Services, developed both for Safeguard and Fruition, will be tested at the
Ancient Baths of Caracalla and on Aurelian walls, that will be surveyed with
several technologies for the detection of superficial (satellites, UAV) or subsuperficial
(GPR) damages/anomalies affecting them.
Fruition services will offer to tourists a mobile app equipped with Institutional
approved contents and with Mixed Reality experience (3D model) directly
available on personal mobile devices. Moreover, the anonymous (previously
authorised) tracking of tourists will allow to obtain further information useful
for safeguard aspects.



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Dore, N. (2022). Progetto AMOR: quando la tecnologia incontra i Beni Culturali. Archeomatica, 12(4). Recuperato da