L'evoluzione delle Stazioni Totali: quarant'anni di innovazione Topcon


  • Massimiliano Toppi Topcon Positioning Italy
  • Sauro Passarelli

Parole chiave:

Stazioni totale, rilievo topografico, Guppy, stazione robotica, Imaging Station, Capture Reality


A 40-year history, from the introduction of the first total station model, so named because it introduced an absolute innovation compared to the combination theodolite-EDM, up to the last generations of robotic instrumentation for which the involvement of operator is reduced to the minimum terms.

A long and unstoppable series of innovations, from recording on memory cards to the first motorized models; from the operating system embedded to the reflectorless measurement, up to the introduction of the images and the "Capture Reality” concept and the combined laser scanning measurement, a real revolution in the world of surveying instrumentation.

What will be the next frontier?




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Toppi, M., & Passarelli, S. (2018). L’evoluzione delle Stazioni Totali: quarant’anni di innovazione Topcon. GEOmedia, 22(1). Recuperato da https://mediageo.it/ojs/index.php/GEOmedia/article/view/1521




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