La discrasia italiana nel settore geodetico


  • Attilio Selvini

Parole chiave:

Commissione geodetica, geomatica, topografia, discrasia


Beginning in the nineteenth
century, topographic and then cartographic
operations (land registry,
defense maps) developed nationally
in Europe. All the States participated
in it, creating scientific bodies
that dictated the fundamental
lines. Thus were born the "geodetic
commissions". These exist and still
operate in the EU, with the exception
of Italy.
The Italian Geodetic Commission
was an Italian public body that was
the Italian counterpart of the International
Association of Geodesy.
In 1975 the commission was
declared a non-useful body according
to the law of 20 March 1975
n. 70 and then suppressed with the
Presidential Decree of 4 July 1977.
I avoid the comment, leaving it to
the readers.




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