Imaging Multispettrale low-cost con filtri interferenziali


  • Antonio Cosentino "Cultural Heritage Science Open Source” Piazza Cantarella 11, Aci Sant'Antonio, 95025, Italy


Parole chiave:

Imaging multispettrale, identificazione dei pigmenti, FORS, spettroscopia di riflettanza


Multispectral imaging systems are used in art examination in order to map
and identify pigments and binders as well as retouches. A monochromatic
camera (CCD or InGaAs) is combined with an appropriate wavelength selection
system, simple as a set of interferential filters or powerful but expensive as
liquid-crystal tunable ï¬lters. A variable number of spectral images of a scene
are then acquired and stacked into a reflectance imaging cube to be used to
reconstruct reflectance spectra from each of their pixel.
This work presents an affordable and simple multispectral imaging system
composed of a monochromatic CCD camera and a set of only 12 interferential
filters. The system was tested on a mock-up painting realized with traditional
and modern pigments and also on a late 1800 authentic oil painting. This
system is of particular interest for the cultural heritage sector because of its
hardware simplicity, the acquisition speed as well as its lightweight and small
dimensions. It must be pointed out that since its small number of filters, this
system has limited analytical capacity and it must be used only for the preliminary mapping and identification of the pigments.

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