Piattaforme, sensori e soluzioni per il Rapid Mapping

Isabella Toschi, Fabio Remondino


Natural hazards demand a rapid surveying of the crisis situation by means of Geomatics platforms, sensors and techniques. Remote sensing can provide a valuable source of broad scale information at each stage of the disaster management cycle, supporting scientists and authorities in the decision-making process. Geomatics-based procedures and techniques can be especially exploited in the emergency mapping domain and this research work provides a review of the current state-of-the-art of remote sensing techniques (platforms, sensors and commercial solutions) for rapid mapping applications. The management of time is defined as a priority and several solutions are discussed in order to pursue
efficiency in both data acquisition and processing.

Parole chiave

Rapid Mapping; emrgenza; efficienza; tempo; piattaforme; sensore; satellite; aereo; UAV

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