INSPIRE State of Play: problemi per Italia, Cipro e Malta

Mauro Salvemini


Al fine di monitorare e valutare lo stato di sviluppo delle NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructures), la Commissione Europea ha deciso sin dal 2002 di avviare uno studio, il cosiddetto INSPIRE State of Play.

INSPIRE State of play: problems for Italy, Cyprus and Malta

The objective of the INSPIRE State of Play study is to describe, analyze and assess the status of INSPIRE and National SDI (NSDI) implementation in 32 countries in Europe: 27 Member States, 4 EFTA countries and 1 Candidate Country (Turkey). In 2009 it was decided to add also FYROM (Republic of Macedonia)  and  Croatia  both  EU  Candi-date Countries. The aim is to better under-stand the status of the NSDI and INSPIRE implementation  and  their  development over time. The European Commission also wanted  to  know  if  one  can  speak  about different  types  of  SDI  in  the  European context. Based on these objectives, an ap-proach and methodology was elaborated in 2002 and fine-tuned in 2006 and 2009 by Spatial Applications Division of the Katho-lieke Universiteit of Leuven, Belgium with collaboration of some experts.

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