Mobyle Mapping Systems: recenti sviluppi e caso applicativo

Fabio Remondino, Isabella Toschi, Simone Orlandini


MMS is nowadays an emerging technology, whose development goes back to the 90’s and is constantly growing. From a technological point of view, it is the
best example of sensor integration and cost-effective acquisition of geo-referenced spatial data, with a combination of digital imaging devices, long-range laser scanners and GNSS/IMU positioning sensors. The accuracy requirements for the acquired data is substantially different in each application, with road or rail infrastructure surveying being much more demanding in this particular respect. Thus, every scanner specification should be taken into account in order to obtain the best solution according to the intended application.
Additionally, a proper evaluation procedure should be carried out by adopting external reference datasets. In this work, a review of the MMS technology is given, together with results achieved with RIEGL VMX-450 in the city center of Trento.

Parole chiave

Sistemi Mobile Mapping; Laser Scanner; Fotogrammetria; Nuvole di Punti; 3D

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