Fotogrammetria Subacquea e Rilievo 3D di Precisione di Strutture Galleggianti o Semi-Sommerse

Fabio Menna, Erica Nocerino, Salvatore Troisi, Fabio Remondino


The article presents an innovative methodo logy for the 3D surveying
and mod eling of floating and semi-submerged objects. Photogramm
etry is used for surveying both the underwater and emerged
parts of the object and the two surveys are com bined together by
means of special rigid orientation devices. As examp le, a challenging
project is repo rted, i.e. a large shipwreck (almo st 300 meters long)
interested by a 52 m long leak at the waterline. The article co vers
the entire workflow, starting from the preparation and data acquisition
do wn to the realization of the digital 3D mod el by means of
dense image matching proc edures as well as deformation analyses
and comp arison with the craft original plane.

Parole chiave

Fotogrammetria; rilievo 3D; Costa Concordia

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