Il nostro amico (?) Sole


  • Marco Lisi

Parole chiave:

GNSS, Space Weather, GPS, Galileo, macchie solari, Galileo Galilei, ionosfera, brillamenti, eruzioni solari, propagazione ionosferica


The behaviour of our star, the Sun, also known
as "Space Weather" may affect our technological
society and our daily lives in various ways.
Major events, already occurred in the past and
not so unlikely, would have catastrophic effects
on our civilization, heavily based on electricity,
wireless communications and electronics.
But even less disastrous (but much more
frequent) solar anomalies might affect some of
our critical infrastructures, such as the GNSS
systems (GPS and Galileo), in terms of performance
and availability. For this reason, increasing
attention is being spent, also in Europe, on
the study of the Sun and on the prediction of
its anomalies.




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Lisi, M. (2021). Il nostro amico (?) Sole. GEOmedia, 24(6). Recuperato da