Olografia e sistemi di comunicazione avanzati per i sotterranei del Castello di Otranto

Fernando Cesaria, Francesco Argese, Italo Spada, Giuseppe De Prezzo, Corrado Pino


The latest frontiers of holography and the use of beacon communication systems
provide new models of exploitation and enjoyment of cultural heritage
goods. The application of these technologies at the Castle of Otranto
(Lecce) enhance the tourists’ experience, giving life to the underground and
immersing the visitor in the Middle Age. Holographic installations connected
to advanced control systems create a point of contact between the tourist and
the people who have written the history of the Castle. In order to transform
the traditional guided-tour to an interactive and experiential guided tour,
the system also provides two apps accessible from mobile devices: an audio
guide dedicated to foreign tourists and an application dedicated to the tourist
guide for controlling the holographic installations and for monitoring visitors.

Parole chiave

Olografia; beacon; Castello di Otranto; sotterranei; sistemi di comunicazione avanzati

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